Our Portfolio - AET Biotech


In 2011 AET BioTechnology (AET BioTech) was launched as a separate business unit to translate AET’s small molecules’ success story to the field of biologics. With presence in both Germany and Malta AET BioTechnology provides a platform for the development of high quality biological medications along EMA guidelines for distribution in worldwide markets. AET BioTech draws on long standing internal expertise in

•    masterminding drug development projects
•    IP litigation
•    regulatory affairs
•    supply chain management
•    optimizing distribution networks and
•    actively managing distribution partnerships and
•    payers’ relationships

which are of foremost importance especially in the context of biosimilar development projects. Those key areas of expertise are complemented by external networks to access state of the art technologies and leading service providers in Europe and the US.

An Adalimumab biosimilar was chosen as the first development candidate and is currently under development in collaboration with BioXpress in Geneva. For further information please refer to