Generics - Client success stories

AET and market experience. A qualified team leading to clients’ success.

The following are a few of our success stories where AET clients have led the market due to AET’s expertise:


AET developed and registered marketing authorisations for generic Temozolomide quickly despite a complex clinical program. Through careful auditing of suppliers and quality controls AET clients secured the entirety of the EU generics market.


A carefully designed formulation and intelligent choice of API source based on expert in-house intellectual property analysis proved robust in the face of aggressive IP defence. AET secured the EU market for the future for its clients: they were also launched the first generic Citalopram in the EU.


The highly motivated and qualified AET Labs team developed the first stable and equivalent formulation, based on a highly complex originator project: our clients dominate the EU market and enjoy accordingly excellent economies of scale in supply.


Through excellent transparency and collaboration with the co-development partner, AET ensured that clients were able to gain market share as the market became more price sensitive and quality issues occurred at other suppliers.