AET - Generics


AET and generics. Active collaboration for pharmaceutical innovation.

In addition to offering an extensive portfolio of in-house developed generic drug products across indications, AET has started the development of biosimilars and innovative product designs. AET provides a comprehensive service from project concept (including global portfolio and IP strategy and competitive product design) via product development and registration through to production, timely delivery and the management of a competitive and reliable supply chain.

What we offer our clients

  • Actively sourcing/developing non infringing FDF (finished dosage form)
  • Investigating and advising on intellectual property
  • Own R&D; Sourcing APIs, Technologies and Know how world wide
  • A leading European supplier and service company for the generics industry
  • Auditing all links in the supply chain
  • Providing technical and regulatory service, resulting in your own marketing authorisation
  • Serving as full logistics provider and delivering client brand FDF straight to your warehouse
  • Ensuring day one launch of FDFs
  • Highly flexible solution provider for generic portfolio building – wherever in the world
  • Bringing High Quality Generics to the markets you choose
  • Extensive track record for the development of state of the art generic drugs – the ethical company among the Generics
  • Strong international growth (USA, LatAm, APAC, Africa, MENA, CIS … and the EU)