AET - Substainability

AET. Stable foundations
for rapid development.

Achieving future-proof market-orientation has many facets for AET: The constantly changing market requires a comprehensive management strategy, the ability to anticipate future developments and changes as well as flexibility in steering complex processes. Integration of all processes and measures secures the chances of successful long-term placement of a pharmaceutical product on the market.

There is no substitute for innovative thinking backed up with experience and technical excellence. The decades of expertise of AET in the active pharmaceutical ingredient – API market and the corporation’s years of engagement in generics development, as well as their production and marketing, form the basis for AET’s demand for cutting-edge product management.

In order to secure the life cycle of a product far into the future, AET’s Generic Supply Department assumes complete support of a product in the post-launch phase, thus guaranteeing the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Based on precise product planning, the specialists of the Generic Supply Team determine existing demand in the local markets, in order at first to successfully establish a product, and then to develop and secure long-term marketing.