Alfred E. Tiefenbacher founded AET in 1963 following 20 years of working in the pharmaceutical industry and serving on the board of Boehringer Ingelheim.

His idea, the procurement of APIs for commissioners from the pharmaceutical industry still forms the core competence of AET even today. Over the decades, AET has continuously anticipated the significant developments and changes of the pharmaceutical market, and has also evolved into a worldwide valued partner for industry in the fast growing generics market.

The founding in 2003 of a galenic development site, AET Labs in Hyderabad, India, was a further milestone on AET’s successful path towards a backwardly integrated corporation. At the Hyderabad site, highly motivated scientists and technicians develop and document generics through to validated approval and market launch.

Today, the AET team comprises more than 400 international specialists located in the German HQ, India, Cyprus, Malta and China.